7 Reasons You Need to Incorporate a Seal Leak Detection Process

It seems that several times each year the headlines blaze with stories about compromised foods that jeopardize the health of consumers. As a food manufacturer, this is the kind of situation you want to avoid. Below are seven reasons you should install and use leak detection equipment as a part of your daily manufacturing process.

1. Secure Seals Ensure Food Safety

Every consumer wants to feel confident about the food they buy to prepare and eat. As a product manufacturer, you are equally concerned about the safety of the products brought to market. Making sure that your seals are strong, durable, and effective plays a big role in making the food a safe end-product.

2. Secure Seals Ensure Food Quality

As a food manufacturer, you want the products you make and package to arrive at their destination with the freshest taste and texture possible. The sealing methods you employ are what help make this happen. Incorporating leak detection for your seals is one way to guarantee that the packaging is never a problem.

3. Better Quality Improves Your Brand Reputation

Maintaining a great reputation for your brand is an important part of grabbing your share of the market. Experiencing failure is package seals in a guaranteed way to have consumers begin to avoid buying your products. Implementing a package seal leak detection system is a smart investment to protect the good name of your products.

4. Secure Seals Reduce Product Return

Seals that fail during shipment or the storage process will never make it to the store shelves. It will almost always end up wrapped and sent back to your plant. Detecting issues with seal integrity before sending products out is your best defense against this costly process.

5. Secure Seals Reduce Potential for Litigation

If consumers become ill from foods that are not kept safe to consume, you are looking at a real chance of being sued. Litigation expenses can climb to financial levels that will hurt your business for years to come. In addition to the cost, you are also looking at a lot of bad publicity.

6. Leak Detection On the Line

You have the ability to use leak detection devices that can test your seal integrity right on the line as it is packaged for shipment. It is an uncomplicated way to incorporate leak detection into your everyday routine. It allows you to find out problems in real-time.

7. Offline Leak Detection Capabilities

You can also use leak detection equipment that is capable of testing your packaging offline. You simply add the packaged item to the testing equipment and gather the results. It is a simple and straightforward process that requires little time and training.

Your packaged food items are only going to arrive in great condition if the method and materials used to seal are functioning right. The use of leak detection equipment is one way to determine if you have an issue before sending foods out to hit the open market.

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