4 Key Factors When Choosing an App Development Platform

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  • August 26, 2018
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There are a lot of decisions that go into the development of a mobile app. An app developer company will help with every step of this process. However, one of the most important decisions is the selection of the best platform for the mobile app. The following factors should help anyone make the right choice.

1. Target Audience and Demographics

When choosing between the Apple App store and the Google Play store, the first consideration should be the target audience. Determine which platform the target audience is most likely to use.

Android remains the most popular mobile operating system, with over 80% of mobile users owning an Android device. However, in North America, the distribution between Apple and Android is closer to equal.

The age of the target audience may also influence the decision. While Android has most of the mobile market share, there are a couple of age groups where the gap is narrower. Those under the age of 24 and over the age of 65 have the highest ownership percentage for Apple devices.

2. The Monetization of Your Mobile App

Determine which platform is best for the monetization of the mobile app. There are four primary ways to monetize applications.

The app can be released with a price tag, instead of offering it for free. The mobile app may also include advertisements or an eCommerce interface. Developers can also include in-app purchases, allowing users to spend money to gain additional features or remove ads.

While there are fewer mobile users on iPhones and iPads than on Android devices, Apple users tend to spend more. They are more likely to spend money to purchase an app while Android users prefer free applications. However, Android users still make plenty of in-app purchases.

Overall, the Apple App store has continually reported a higher revenue than the revenue reported by Google. If monetization is the primary goal, the Apple App store may be the best option.

3. The Cost of Mobile App Development

When hiring an app developer company to develop a mobile app, the cost will likely be a major factor. While there are many details that impact the cost of mobile app development, Apple apps are typically more affordable to develop.

The difference in cost is due to the complexity of developing for Android. The complexity comes from the variety of mobile devices running the latest Android operating system. When developing an app for Android, the developers need to consider the various screen sizes, aspect ratios, and hardware features of over 160 different mobile devices.

4. The Timeframe for the Release of Your App

Businesses may also have a specific timeframe for the release of their mobile app. When the timeframe is limited, it is important to choose the platform that provides the fastest results. Due to the complexity discussed, Android apps may take a little longer, as Android apps require additional quality testing.

There are pros and cons to developing for either Android or Apple. Apple apps may cost less and provide a faster turnaround. However, Android provides access to a larger market.

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