4 Safeguards for Online Shopping

More people are turning to online shopping to avoid the time and expense of driving to shopping outlets. With a few keyboard clicks on the computer, smart phone, or iPad, you can quickly browse available options and make a desired purchase. However, it is important to be careful when shopping online to avoid common mistakes that can lead to mistaken orders or even credit card theft.

1. Double-check website registration.

If you share a family computer, it is advisable to make sure you have opened the correct account at the shopping website. Despite individual password use, sometimes the account will open automatically to the last person in the family who used it, and if you neglect to put in your password, you might inadvertently order under the relative’s name.

2. Read the purchase terms and conditions carefully.

Depending on where you shop and what you order, pay attention to the purchase terms and fine print to ensure you understand the nature of the purchase. You should familiarize yourself with return of merchandise if it is undesirable or defective, as well as how to obtain a replacement or a refund. For example, digital items, like Apple electronics games, may have special rules for return. Check for a restocking fee rather than be surprised later if one should be taken from the purchase price. You will also want to know how long a refund might take. Be sure you find out how to contact Customer Service, which is sometimes hard to find.

3. Use a secure payment method.

Most people use credit cards for online purchases. You will want ensure that the credit card you are using is the same one registered on the site if you have shopped there previously. Otherwise, the original one may be billed, and if it is no longer active, payment will be denied, and the purchase may be cancelled or delayed. Use a credit card that is encrypted to help prevent theft or fraud.

4. Confirm correct shipping information.

At the final step of the purchase, which involves shipping preferences, take note of the different options. For example, free shipping usually takes longer, while paid shipping may be faster, but is not always that much speedier than free shipping. The best choice depends on how quickly you want the purchase to arrive. Check delivery address for accuracy if different from registration address.

Following these simple steps can help to provide a satisfactory Kuwait online shopping experience.

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