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4 Warning Signs That Your Moisture Meter Needs Calibration

One of the essential tools on the belt of a wood professional is a reliable moisture meter. It helps contractors to inspect mold risks and make sure that newly installed floors will be trouble-free. Calibrating your moisture meter at regular intervals enables you to get the desired precision. The readings become less reliable once the meter loses calibration. The best way to address this is to send it back to the manufacturer for re-calibration. Below are four common warning signs that your moisture meter needs to be calibrated.

1. Failure to Activate

One of the common indications that your moisture meter needs to be calibrated is when it does not activate. The problem could be as a result of a low battery. However, if the problem persists even after battery replacement, you can send the meter back to the manufacturer for recalibration. It can be an excellent approach to fix internal components of the measurement instrument.

2. Inconsistency

One of the first warning signs most people will notice with their moisture meters is inconsistent readings. Malfunctioned moisture meters often will not return a consistent reading. Assuming that surface moisture does not affect the readings, this can be a warning sign that your meter needs to be calibrated.

Check if the meter’s scanning plate has scratches or other signs of damage. If it doesn’t have scratches, create enough space on the surface being scanned so that it can accommodate the scanning plate. If inconsistency does not end, it may be necessary to send the device back to the manufacturer for recalibration.

3. Malfunctioned Display

If the display of your meter starts to malfunction, it may be time to calibrate it. You may notice that the screen of a digital display meter is causing segments of readings not to appear. For example, the meter might not display the upper right bar of a certain number, making it look like a different number. Sometimes, this may be caused by a low battery, and replacing a new battery may solve the problem. However, if the screen continues to malfunction even after battery replacement, it is an indication you need to calibrate the meter.

4. When Your Meter Causes An Unforeseen Explosion

Your device can explode if it builds up too much pressure. An explosion could occur on a small scale such as when an instrument bursts at the seams. It could also be in the form of an electrical fire. Explosion can make you aware of a problem before it elevates to a massive point. Keeping your moisture meters calibration service enhances the safety of your workplace. Heed these warning signs to know when it is the time to calibrate your moisture meter.

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