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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Food Packaging Material

  • Nick
  • August 22, 2018
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Product packaging is critical to the success and sustainability of industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and food industry operations. With a wide variety of choices available today, manufacturers are finding hard to choose the right material to package their products. While every manager is concerned about the cost, it’s crucial to invest in leak detection equipment to test the safety of foodstuff during storage, transport, and delivery. Branding and visual appeal are equally critical, especially in a highly competitive industry. Below are a few factors to consider when looking for a food packaging material.

1. Sustainability

Of course, everyone wants to use a sustainable material for their food storage options. Food manufacturers often use bioplastics options such as plants, meaning they are made from renewable resources. Irrespective of how innovative or appealing a food packaging is, its effectiveness depends on its ability to protect the products against damage when in store and during transit. You should invest in food packages that can keep products fresh and safe till they reach the consumers.

2. Versatility

Of course, every manufacturer would want to use a packaging material that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, your packaging needs are likely to be different from others depending on the type of products you handle. As such, look for a manufacturer that provides a broad array of packaging materials to meet all your needs. You could be interested in tall, skinny containers or containers with attached lids.

3. Durability


Everyone would want to use a compostable product that they can convert into a packaging material if it can’t serve its purpose. Try to find food packaging materials that are made well, and note that the container won’t hold up to the products it is meant to store if it is too flimsy. It could also be beneficial for food vendors to purchase a food packaging that locks in freshness with an air-tight lid to ensure products stay edible.

4. Environmental-Friendly

Use of sustainable food packaging is the beginning of taking the initiative to conserve the environment. Of course, every manufacturer wants to use a packaging material that provides them plenty of disposal options. Using food packaging that offers you the opportunity to recycle, recover, compost, incinerate, and landfill will give you the freedom to get rid of the packaging material in the way it conserves the environment.

5. Pricing

The cost-effectiveness of food packaging goes beyond just its price. While standard sizing can help manufacturers reduce their packaging costs, it’s crucial to try different materials to see which one maximizes their savings. For example, some food packagings are lighter than others and can help manufacturers to cut down their transportation costs. Moreover, others are easier to handle, and food vendors can use them to increase their production efficiency.

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