5 Tips For Creating a Succesful App

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  • November 25, 2018
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Regardless of whether you are looking for a cab or a lover, there is an app developed to satisfy almost all needs and wants. Moreover, computer applications have become more popular than ever, with most users spending over 90 percent of their time on applications as compared to websites. Businesses are now trying to strategize and structure around computer applications so as to meet the needs of readers and consumers. Below are some tips on successful app development.

1. Deliver Value

Most users are impatient; they crave for convenience and speed, but they have inadequate storage space on their computers. Your application must be able to deliver value to the user to foster customer loyalty. Applications that can be used in more than one situation, such as shopping, eating out or paying a bill, with many seamless features are very appealing.

2. Create Distributed Feature Flags

In the current evolving and fast-changing consumer landscape, the ability to measure, learn, iterate, and react quickly enough to your client’s desires is important. One way to enable such capabilities is to build your application with relevant feature flags.
This technique helps the application developer to offer new functionalities to consumers quickly and safely. This is because the team will be able to separate features that are still on the testing phase from those that are ready to be deployed. Feature flags, additionally, give users the ability to have a kill switch, mitigate scalability issues, multivariate tests, and many more.

3. Provide Relevant Notifications

As your consumer base grows, retention becomes a real challenge. In order to ensure that users visit the app more frequently, ensure that your app provides relevant notifications that can keep them informed. Furthermore, maintain a deep focus on your most engaged app users: are they sharing, has their behavior changed recently? Gaining insight into such behaviors provides a lens into what makes the application sticky: where visitors return frequently.

4. Track all Errors and Exceptions

App developers ought to know everything about how their application is fairing both on a user and operational perspective. The developer must understand that the flow that app users go through while using it. Additionally, the app developer ought to track every error and exception. The flow is important as it offers ideas on what you should fix in your software. Some users might decide to abandon your application after particular errors, while some may continue using your software in a different manner.

5. Test the App

Ensure that you test the software on real users before launch. At a more advanced stage, you may share your app with some users for final testing. With Android app development, for example, developers may test different the application’s through the Google Play store early access users.

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