5 Ways of Determining Leaks in Food Packaging

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  • January 14, 2019
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Foods are very sensitive commodities. For this reason, they undergo many tests to ensure they meet the set standards. One of these tests is the leak detection test of food packaging. Some of the ways of determining leaks in food packaging include bubble emission, use of gas leak detection equipment, and more. Here is how they work.

1. Dry Chamber Technique

This is an ideal technique used by manufacturers for testing leaks in liquid products like beverages. It makes it simple for manufacturers to differentiate leaking products. The process involves putting a product inside a chamber prior to placing it in a vacuum. The vacuum utilizes an absorbent material to verify the leaking of a food package. The availability of any liquid resembles a positive test.

2. Bubble Emission

Bubble emission is a great leak detection technique for items that have air. It involves placing packaging material that is being tested inside water. If bubbles are seen in the packaging, then the test is positive. Manufacturers should not provide the market with such products. In this way, they will safeguard their reputation and save a lot of costs because products with defects will fail to get to the market. This method could be used for any packaging material to find the point of burst on the packaging.

3. Altitude Simulation Method

This method is ideal for detecting leaks in products that are shipped through the air. It ascertains that products fail to collapse at high altitudes. This way, manufacturers save on costs by ensuring the items get to the consumers in great condition. This test cannot be carried out on air. Manufacturers utilize a vacuum chamber to verify if the commodity is ideal for air transport.

4. Gas Leak Detection Equipment

This equipment is used to check for small holes in the packaging materials of foods. This leak detection method is very common in the food industry, but it is also used in other industries. The central gases that are utilized in such testing are carbon monoxide, helium, and hydrogen. Hence, this test aids manufacturers to verify if there are gas leaks on the package. Check out the Flexpak inc website for more information from their available resources online.

5. Ultrasonic Equipment

When this equipment type is utilized, the food package is placed next to a transducer. The transducer produces an ultrasonic wave. In case there is altering of the echo’s wavelength, then you know the packaging is leaking. When this happens, the data is created into an image. This form of leak detection resembles an ultrasound testing whereby an ultrasound is utilized in viewing a fetus in a womb.

To prevent incurring losses, manufacturers need to carry out these tests to ensure that their food packaging is not leaking. Additionally, they will prevent harm to the customers who might have consumed contaminated commodities.

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