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6 Reasons You Need Off-Line and Online Food Packaging Leak Detection Equipment

  • Nick
  • November 13, 2018
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Shopping around for the right leak detection equipment is dependent on where you want to place the testing in your chain of production. Below are six ways that both online and off-line leak detection can help your entire food production enterprise from start to finish.

1. Online Leak Detection Can Catch Problems In Time to Save Packaging Waste

Adding online leak detection ability allows you to evaluate the need to shut down the packaging process and fix the problems before a ton of packaging materials are wasted. Keeping packaging costs lower helps you run your food production business more efficiently.

2. Online Leak Detection Can Operate Concurrently With Packaging Process

An online leak detection system can operate while the packaging process takes place. It provides a unique perspective for quality control that puts you in the driver’s seat for important decision-making. You have the critical information that lets you know if the food is being packaged in a way that guarantees freshness and safety.

3. Online Leak Detection Can Determine Serious Problems In Real-Time

Online leak detection during the packaging process gives you information in real-time, rather than having any delay in determining vital packaging failures. It enhances your total packaging process and helps create a better end product to send to market.

4. Off-Line Leak Detection Can Catch Slow Leaks

Off-line leak detection is beneficial for the types of leak that happen over time. Slight and slow leaks are not always detectable at the time of packaging. The addition of off-line detection is one way to make sure the integrity is the same at the time of packaging and the period of time before shipment.

5. Off-Line Leak Detection Equipment Moves the Packaging Process Faster

If you opt to test your package integrity after the products come off the packaging line, your process will speed up. It’s the perfect solution if you are using a material and method that produces very few errors and detectable leaks.

6. Off-Line Leak Detection Provides a Final Check Before Shipment

You can use off-line leak detection as the final check for shipments before they are sent to market. You can feel confident that all of your products will reach their destination in great shape. Food safety and fresh products help you create a sound and positive brand image.

Both online and off-line leak detection equipment offer positive benefits for any food manufacturer.

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