Interested in Apps? 4 Options Your Company can Explore

Smartphones are becoming more popular every year, and apps serve as a powerful tool for businesses both large and small. However, smartphone apps, as with all types of programs, vary significantly, and choosing the right type of app for your company is important. Here are a few different types of apps to consider releasing.

1. Websites in App Form

Perhaps the simplest type of app serves as, effectively, a front-end for websites. Although smart device browsers have improved over the years, they’re often slower than native apps. Furthermore, apps allow companies to store information on the device itself, further increasing responsiveness. Although these apps offer limited interaction capabilities, they can be great for sharing information with customers.

2. Account Management

Banks and other entities can benefit from apps that give customers a more interactive and responsive alternative to web interfaces. Banking apps can provide a more convenient interface, and apps for online stores can help customers track orders and explore various products. A step up in terms of complexity when compared to website-based apps, these programs typically require hiring an app developer company, especially if customer data can potentially be compromised.

3. Product Demonstration

Websites can be great for providing an interactive virtual product demonstration. However, native smartphone apps can go even farther. Smart devices lack cursors or physical keyboards, so apps designed for them should take full advantage of touchscreens. In addition, motion detection in smart devices lets users rotate and zoom in on pictures in an engaging and intuitive manner, potentially garnering extra attention. Product demonstration apps are no substitute for websites, but they complement them well.

4. Games

Smart devices are already the most popular gaming devices available. Although gaming companies sell apps to make a profit, many people prefer free games supported by advertising. Companies looking to build brand awareness and goodwill can consider releasing free games to reach out. Releasing games related to the products or services a company offers can be especially effective, so car-related companies might want to consider racing games, for example. However, any game that captures a player’s attention is likely to serve as effective advertisement, especially for repeat players.

Apps are what make smartphones and tablets so compelling, and the relatively open markets available on popular platforms make them easy to access. Although app types vary greatly, there are plenty of options to choose from, and companies that invest wisely can stand to benefit significantly when working with a talented app developer company.

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